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Neil Rosser: Background

He is a native of the lower Swansea Valley who draws upon the characters of his youth as inspiration for his songs.

He had the idea for using 'The Morriston side of town' as subject matter after hearing an interview with Ian Dury during which he proudly declared that he would prefer to sing about Watford than sing about California. Neil proceeded to sing about Clydach, Glais and Bonymaen rather than sing about Patagonia, Ireland or Brittany.

The latest collection of 11 songs, 'Caneuon Rwff' (Rough songs) is the usual mix of cutting lyrics over blues tunes and a generous sprinkling of Tim Hammil's slide guitar.

His musical influences are Tom Waits, Ian Dury and Elvis (Costello).
His sporting hero is Alan Curtis.


Discography / History: 1987 - 2011

· Neil Rosser a'r Partneriaid – four albums on the ‘Ankst’ label, one with Sain
· Y Strabs – two albums with the Fflach label
· Y Bysgars (Jazz) – one album on Recordiau Rosser
· Neil Rosser – four albums on Recordiau Rosser


CDs available through the website:

· Yr Ail Ddinas (£3.99)
· Caneuon Rwff (£5.99)
· Gwrthgyferbyniad (£7.99)
· Y Bysgars – Jazz (£5.99)
· Sipsi Gallois – 1 (£5.99)
· Sipsi Gallois – Llygaid Du (£7.99)

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